Serving Suggestions

  • Gin cocktail

    Evening Tide

    This cocktail is James twist on a vesper with an anise note that tastes amazing.
  • Rum & Tea

    Storm in a Teacup, Rum & Tea

    Definitely give this one a go! Rum & tea makes the perfect storm in a teacup.

    A sure favourite of ours during the summer months.

    A boozy iced tea with Cornish rum is definitely a grand idea on those hot summer days!

    Rum and tea once shared galleons, why not a glass! 

  • Cornish rum

    Straight Up, or Dashed on the Rocks

    We are proud that our Spiced honey rum can be drank neat, we hate to use the term but smooth is exactly what it is alongside the spice and the salted honey flavours.

    A truly delicious sip of Cornish rum, made from scratch, fermented and distilled in our small west Cornwall distillery.

  • Cornish rum hot chocolate

    Winter Spiced Rum caffe mocha

    Is there anything better on a cold winter's day than a boozy coffee or hot chocolate? We think not. Here's what you need.
  • Cornish spiced rum

    Spiced Rum Hot Chocolate

    Decadent and luxurious, this recipe calls for 70% cocoa chocolate but if you prefer it can be substituted for milk chocolate.
  • Kernow libre

    Kernow Libre

    This is our cheeky take on the classic Cuba Libre. Named after Cuba celebrating its independence we feel this one has to be on the list.