Rum from Cornwall

Cornish Saffron Company

Brian and Margaret moved to Rosevine on the Roseland in 2014 and fell in love with their surroundings and the views across Gerrans Bay. They decided to work the land and grow saffron. Why? Saffron is an integral part of the Cornish culture and its history. Exchanged with the Phoenicians for tin and copper from the Cornish mines. Saffron has been a highly prized spice used by the Cornish and part of their lives ever since. Used mainly to make saffron cake and saffron buns.

Until now saffron has not been grown commercially in Cornwall for many years. Records show the last saffron field being sold in Penryn at the turn of the 19th century. Brian and Margaret, with some help from their family plant, pick, pluck, process and post with their fingers, how about that for an Eco-friendly business!
They use only natural fertilizers including seaweed from the bay.

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The Team at Mounts Bay Distillery

Bee Special - Honey and Beeswax

Tamsin’s time is largely made up of looking after her 90 hives that are dotted in and around the South West of Cornwall. Most of the summertime is spent working with the bees with the aim of keeping them healthy and creating a good honey crop. She also spends her free time attending many conventions and lectures around the world, spreading the word about the beauty of Cornish honey and its unique qualities. The honey she supplies us with comes from the fields and cliffs above Mounts Bay, from Rinsey to Prussia, Kenneggy and beyond.

Every batch of honey we receive can be different due to the location of the bees and the flowers that are blooming at that time, from gorse to hawthorn, wildflower, clover and bramble and so on. The flavour and colour varies in such interesting ways!

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