• Family ran Cornish distillery

    Why we chose to start a distillery in the UK and how to start a distillery

    Before moving back to Cornwall, we lived in Sweden, near to the archipelagos and in a stretch of forest bordering a small lake. The summers were glorious and the winters long and cold! The wood burner was on from October till...

  • How to make rum Cornish distillery

    Distilling rum. How to make rum.

    Once fermentation is complete, the rum wash is needed to be distilled. There are many options for this process from continuous distillation, column or pot still distillation to name a few.  We chose pot still to keep as much flavour...

  • Cornish rum distillery

    Fermenting & distilling rum

    Fermenting. Naturally occurring wild yeasts or secret cultured strains? Open or closed fermentation? 24 hours or three week ferments? Dunder and muck, or keep it clean?  The great thing about rum is that there are so many varieties and options...