Cornish rum

Straight Up, or Dashed on the Rocks

Before adding mixers or making cocktails, please pour yourself a large nip of our Cornish Spiced Rum and find somewhere quiet to enjoy your drink.

The honey rum notes balance perfectly with the salty seaweed tones, subtle spices, cacao, saffron and cinnamon, with a light vanilla and Cornish rum flavoured oak finish.

We understand that a Seaweed rum might not be to everyones taste but imagine it more like an undercurrent of something, a light salt that balances out the sweet honey, similar to a salted caramel, the spiced notes from the seaweed only add to the flavour that we love in honey spiced rums.

We are proud that our Spiced honey rum can be drank neat, we hate to use the term but smooth is exactly what it is alongside the spice and the salted honey flavours.

A truly delicious sip of Cornish rum, made from scratch, fermented and distilled in our small west Cornwall distillery.

In the words of one of our loyal customers 

" its like lining your tubes with velvety love, Like inhaling Barry Whites breath" 

Perhaps a wedge of lime can be added but we like it as it is.

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