Keynvor Honey Spiced Rum

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Honey rum drink for the ocean-goers, the sailors and watermen, the dreamers, stargazers and adventurers, with salt in their veins and a love of the sea.

Wild storms to peaceful tranquility. Keynvor spiced honey rum is matched to these contradictions. The sweet honey notes balance perfectly with salty seaweed umami tones, along with subtle flavours of saffron and spice.

We all feel the pull of the tides and a yearning for the ocean.
When we go back, we are going back from whence we came. 

  • 40% ABV.
  • 700ml bottle.
  • Small batch, fermented, distilled, cask aged and spiced from our small distillery.
  • 10% of profits go to plastic free seas

If you did not already know, Keynvor is the beautiful Cornish word for ocean.

We have chosen not to chill-filter our products to retain the flavours we love. With changes of temperature honey can crystallise and particles can form. This changes the flavour of our Spiced Rum in no way at all. A quick shake will mix them up again.