Ebba Tidal Cornish Dry Gin

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Ebba Tidal Gin is inspired by the deep blue sea & named after the Ebb and flow of waters.

Our first still is also named Ebba, a Scandinavian girls name we adore.

Juniper and coriander forward with subtle notes of ocean botanicals harvested beneath its surface.

A delicious Cornish dry gin, pot distilled in small batches from our small distillery.

We harvest seaweeds from the shoreline and add these to our gin, this gives the gin a wonderfully spiced, herbal notes and light saline tones, matching perfectly to the junior and coriander.

This Cornish Gin makes a great gin and tonic, garnished with a slice of lemon, orange or grapefruit and sprig of rosemary.

40% abv

700 ml

"On opening the bottle there is no mistaking the juniper and in the glass the slightly tinged spirit, which works well with a premium tonic, is a deliciously complex drink with the juniper ebbing and flowing in the mouth, temporarily receding to give way to the citric and softer flavour before crashing back with full force. It seemed to me to be a more confident spirit than their Cornish Dry with the juniper less subdued. If you are a fan of juniper and London Dry with a distinctive twist, you will not be disappointed."