Rum Dhu Cask Aged Gold Rum

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First cask of Golden Rum is available now.  

Open fermented with 15% dunder, double pot distilled, cask aged and proofed down with Cornish water from our small distillery.

Our first expression of gold rum has been double casked, spending half its life in a sherry cask and the last few months in an ex Islay cask.

Light notes of toffee apples, vanilla, honey and molasses with a sweetness from the wood sugars as well as sherry.

We plan to experiment with our gold rum. This means every cask will be different, from the type of cask, to the age, the different types of fermentation and distillation.

A gorgeous golden rum. Free from colourings and additives.

An amazing sipper or great in cocktails. Just like a fine wine, we find that cracking the bottle open and letting it breathe allows the flavours to come forward. 


40% abv